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Vegetables & Fruits Printing

With art and design, young children are given opportunities to create great preschool art projects that bring lots of fun and pride. Let them be the designer and be amazed at their inborn creativity.

Plan a half to one hour art class time in your preschool lesson plans. This preschool art is fun, colorful and satisfying.

You may use different types of vegetables or fruits for your art project

  • Potatoes - most commonly used
  • Lotus Roots - (brown on the outside but looks like a wheel when cut)
  • Ladies fingers
  • Orange / Lemon - dried

Other Art Materials required

  • Poster paint or tempera
  • Art paper, cardboard or wood
  • Knife or cutter
  • Pencil


  • 3 yrs onwards


For Potato Prints

  1. For younger preschoolers, teachers should pre-cut the potatoes in half
  2. Draw a pattern or design onto the flat side of the potato
  3. Carve the designated shape to form the stamp
  4. Prepare paints on a shallow plate
  5. Press the potato onto the paint
  6. Press the potato onto the art paper
  7. Repeat with more printing all over the paper
  8. Clean paints off the potato by using a damp sponge
  9. If desired, repeat with different colors
  10. When completed, place artwork in a safe place to dry

Potato Printing has been a classical preschool art that is a continuing preference in preschool. This preschool art project is a "must have" in your preschool lesson plans.

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