Halloween Story - Poor Fluffy

A puppy's first experience on Halloween's night

Here's a Halloween Story for preschoolers.

The sun is slowly fading.
The surrounding turns grey.
The moon tried hard to brighten the dark night.

"It's Halloween night !"

But Fluffy doesn't know it.
"What's with all the excitement in the house?" he wondered.
Kids were rushed for supper,
got dressed,
and off to the streets they went.

"Is it a concert ? is it a party ?"

Fluffy sits on the porch wondering what had happened to his routine walk.

"And what's with all these funny black and orange stuff strapped all over me ?"

The night is exceptionally dark.

The trees looks eerie with branches that look like skeleton fingers.
The tall big tree trunk looks overwhelming in the glow of the night sky. The chilly autumn breeze blows into little Fluffy's nose.

Thump, thump, thump"

Fluffy suddenly stood up,
ears lifted, eyes brightened.
By now his little heart also goes thump, thump thumping hard.

He listens intently at the approaching.... swish ..... swish .... swish of the feet swishing through the fallen autumn leaves.

He sees a group of people
"No, they don't look like people".

One has a big pointy black hat
with a pointy black nose,
dressed in a big black cape.

"What's that ?"

Fluffy started barking his heart out.

Another figure ? Also in black,
but look really skinny and tall.
He had no head or body !

"It's a moving skeleton that glows in the dark ! Ahhh!"

Is that a person or a ghost ?"

Another looks more like a person, but has a big black patch covering his one eye.

"Who are these strange creatures?"
Fluffy barks ferociously !

Then he hears a big familiar voice from within the house.
"Coming….. what's your password ?"

"Tricks or Treats !"

Wait! he recognizes these voices.
They are kids from the neighbourhood.

Fluffy's tail begins to wag a little but still unsure and weary of these strangers in strange costumes yet with familiar voices.

Slowly and carefully, Fluffy moves to the feet of the pirate and he knows for sure that this is Johnny from two houses away. He went to the witch and sniff, sniff, sniff.

"This is Susan, Johnny's sister!"

Excitement lifts his tail bone and by now it is wagging profusely. Before he moved closer to the Skeleton, for he is still a little weary of bony glow and what looks like a body with no flesh, he heard a familiar voice.

"Come here Fluffy,
it's only me-Paul. Happy Halloween !"

Finally Fluffy realized that these are all his friends from the neighbourhood. It's not so scary after all.

"But why would they dress up ?"
"Is this what Halloween is all about huh?"

Additional Tips for the Halloween Story:

Have your kids act out the Halloween Story.
Dim the lights slightly
Prepare some props and costumes
Allow a little puppy into the classroom.

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