Kids Healthy Recipes

In your preschool curriculum, incorporate some practical kids healthy recipes so your kids can take a break from the routine lesson plans and have some creative fun times.

Cooking and preparation for food is always a delight and highlight of a child's school day.  After all, having some experiences in cooking and food preparations is part of one's practical life.  Start the kids off with instilling some joyous experiences in kid's healthy recipes so they will continue to appreciate the very important task of cooking to fill one's stomach.  

This is a preliminary course for kid's cooking. Much of the preparations are to be done by adults. Kids get to put the food together to create a sumptuous looking meal. It takes some skill training for scooping, transferring and handling the squishy tomatoes.

Bright Red Tomato Cups

    • ground beef
    • half an onion
    • green peas
    • tomato paste
    • big red tomatoes
    • cilantro / coriander leaves

    PRE PREPARATION by teachers or parents
    • Cook onions till soft
    • Add ground beef
    • Cook till beef pales / done
    • Add tomato paste / sauce
    • Sprinkle spices of your choice (optional)
    • Set aside to cool

    • Slice the top off the tomatoes.
    • Put aside the top as lids

    • Set up table mat as work space
    • A child is assigned to ensure everyone has a teaspoon
    • Time to put on an apron and wash their hands
    • Pair kids / form groups of 3
    • Have a leader to transfer some meat into a bowl for the group
    • Kids are to transfer the meat carefully into the tomato cup
    • Garnish with cilantro / coriander leaves (optional)
    • Put finished products together and take a picture
    • Kids can either take the tomato cup home or eat them

Note: This exercise may look really simple and you may think that it is not worth so much of pre-preparation efforts. However, it is very important for a child to manipulate his fine motor skill. In this exercise, s/he enhances the strengthening of finger grip and eye-hand coordination as s/he learns to transfer food from a bigger bowl to a smaller cup. Dr Maria Montessori refers to this exercise as essential to pre writing skill and you can find lots of similar exercises in the Montessori Practical Life curriculum.

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