Animal Alphabet

Introducing Animal Alphabet is a way of teaching Preschool Language Art and Preschool Science. Yeah, kill two birds with one stone. Why not?

There are many Alphabet Lists out there in the market which are really beautiful, colourful and popular. But why not focus on one preschool theme - animals ? Teach your alphabet as you introduce the various animals and have fun !

  • A- Ant

  • B-Bear

  • C-Cat
  • D-Dog

  • E-Elephant

  • G-Giraffe
  • H-Horse

  • J-Jellyfish

  • K-Kangaroo

  • L-Lion
  • M-Mouse

  • O-Owl

  • P-Pig

  • Q-Quail

  • R-Rat

  • S-Snake

  • T-Turtle

  • V-Virginia Opossum

  • X-X-ray fish

  • Y-Yak

You may add more items into your Animal list as your preschool kids get familiar with all the animals listed above.

Below you will find some pictures and descriptions of some of the not-so-common animals.

This is an Iguana
- a kind of lizard found in Central
and South America.
This is sometimes kept as a pet.

A Newt is a smal lizard like animal with a big tail.
It lives on land
and returns to the water to breed.

Virginia Opossums look like rats with
a long tail.

X-ray fish is small and almost transparent
It is very popular in fresh water aquariums

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