Halloween Games

Halloween Games can be fun, clean and non-scary especially for preschool and kindergarten kids. Why expose the little ones to the darkness of this world ? - witches, bats, ghost are not necessary for use to create nightmares in their little minds.

The following are some exciting Halloween Games that can be used indoor or outdoor:

  1. Apple Bobbing

    Place 8 - 10 apples in a basin of water
    Have some clean face towels ready
    Have children pick the apples up with only their mouths

    Blindfold teachers to pick the apples
    And the kids will love watching it

  2. Pumpkin race

    Roll a pumpkin under tables and chairs
    Roll a pumpkin through a maze (drawn on the ground)
    Roll a pumpkin down the slope of a hill
    Pass a pumpkin from one to another and when the music stops, blow the candle off
    Pass a pumpkin from one to another under the legs
    Pass a pumpkin from one to another over the head

  3. Carving Pumpkin

    Teachers / youth helpers can challenge carving a pumpkin's eyes / mouth…etc

  4. Halloween Fun with Colors

    I spy game - "I spy with my little eyes something orange"
    "I spy………something round and orange" (other shapes)
    "I spy……….something big and orange" (other sizes)
    "I spy……….someone's wearing orange"

    Repeat with black color

  5. Halloween Fun with Math

    Use Orange and Black beads (being colors of Halloween)
    Guess how many orange and black beads in the jar

    Have fun with additions - 2 orange beads and 3 black beads altogether makes 5
    Have fun with subtractions - Out of 5 beads, take away 2, 3 are left
    Have fun with division - I have 10 beads, I'll share with 5 friends.
    Have fun with multiplication - Everyone has 2 beads. Put them together.

    Make shapes of circles, squares…. etc with the beads
    Make straight and curved lines

  6. Halloween Fun with Riddles

    What do ghosts serve for dessert ? I - scream (ice cream)
    Why didn't the skeleton cross the road ? They have no guts
    Why do witches fly on bloom ? So they don't need electrical cords
    What do you call a fat Jack-o-Lantern? A Plumpkin
    What do birds sing on Halloween ? Twick or Tweet

  7. Halloween Games with Maze

    Draw the shape of Jack-o-lantern and create a simple maze
    Draw the shape of a cat ……etc

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