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Help your preschoolers recognize and write out the numerals

Math Worksheets for preschoolers. This math activity is to help kids in learning numerals and recognizing numbers in word form. It can be used as a writing exercise in your Math Lesson Plan. Help your kids learn to write the numerals 123 on the right column of the box. Then when they are ready to spell the words of numbers 1 to 10, they can fill write out the words corresponding to the numerals.

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You may reproduce as many copies as you like.


Some other math activities with numbers

  1. For younger kids who can't write yet, cut out the numerals 123 and have them match the numerals to the words.

  2. Have the kids write out the numerals in slips of papers, then match them to the respective words

  3. Cut out the numbers and numerals. Mix them and have the children arrange the numbers in sequential order.

  4. Magnet Numerals are easily available in the stores. Place the above chart on the refrigerator door and sprinkle the magnet numerals all over, so your kids will have some math activities while waiting for their meals.

  5. Use little objects to use as counters to match the numbers

  6. Print out the above worksheet on card paper. Place it in a wall-hanging pocket so kids can avail of it at anytime - eg. when they come in early, or when they are waiting for other activities.

  7. Play grouping games with the numbers - Have the kids walk or dance with background music, when the music stops, show a number and the kids will have to group themselves accordingly. Eg. If you show the number "2" the kids will try to form pairs. If you show the number "4" they will have to form groups of fours.

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