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  • child development
  • homeschooling
  • kindergarten reading program
  • montessori method
  • preschool math
  • preschool cooking
  • preschool safety
  • preschool / childhood stories
  • children's church / Sunday School
  • holidays and special days
  • homemade supplies
  • preschool around the world... etc.

It's current, personal, interactive, relational.... and it continues to expand.

Yes, its free, fun and educational. 
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You, as a leader and teacher of preschoolers, indeed play a major role in early childhood education and in writing your Preschool lesson plans. The fact that you have ventured to this website tells me that you love your kids and are seeking for more ideas to increase your preschool teaching resources. Or perhaps you know me personally and you are just curious :)

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To use this site, you don't have to be a kindergarten teacher, a professional caregiver, or a homeschool mum or dad. I am writing to you who have a heart and passion to nurture little children.

At the bottom of each page, there are choices to move to more pages of preschool ideas, art and crafts, mathematics... etc and philosophies of alternative preschooling systems like homeschooling and montessori preschool.

So don't leave the page till you get to the bottom of it.

This site is not a commercial site. It is written to share and to uplift you who have a hand in caring for preschoolers, whether you have your own young children, preschool kids, friends, cousins, or neighbors.

You can also explore some other carefully chosen non-commercial websites that will enhance the contents and provide a wider perspective that offers more ideas to you.

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Preschool Blog
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Show and tell for preschoolers
Show and Tell ideas and tips for preschoolers
Kindergarten Reading Program - what program to use ?
Kids can read. Have a headstart in preschool literacy that helps children learn to read and enjoy books with this Kindergarten Reading Program page
Math lesson plans and activities for preschool
Free Math Lesson Plans and activities with montessori preschool approach
Preschool Cooking Activities create great preschool learning experiences
Preschool Cooking Activities with guidelines on how to incorporate Math, Language, motor skills...etc
Preschool activities - build motor skills through fun-filled activities
Ideas for preschool activities - fun and games, actions, drama etc
Preschool Themes for your preschool lesson plans and activities
Preschool Themes for your preschool lesson plans and activities
Kindergarten Worksheets to complement Preschool lesson plans
Kindergarten Worksheets and free printables, teachers, templates, charts, calendar…etc
Preschool art projects - Great ideas for preschool kids
Preschool art projects - samples available with step by step instructions that is easy for your preschool kids - all at no cost
Preschool Crafts - arts and crafts are easy and fun for kids
Preschool crafts -great ideas - easy to make and fun to do. Crafts with beads, pasta, ribbons, leaves, etc.
Insects Crafts - How to make Busy Bees, Wiggly Worms and more
Insects Crafts - how to make a giant bee, wiggly worm and more
Good Friday Story for preschool and kindergarten kids
Why Good Friday and not sad Friday ? Story for preschool and kindergarten kids
Easter Colouring Pages for Preschoolers
Easter Colouring Pages for Preschoolers
Easter games for kids
Educational Easter games for kids using Easter eggs - teach Language, Math, teamwork, motor skills and more
Easter Egg Crafts and Easter Games
Use these Easter Egg Crafts for Easter Games
Easter Songs for preschool Easter Day Party or Sunday School
Create your own Easter songs for preschool Easter Day Party
Special days lesson plans and activities for your preschools.
How to celebrate Special Days for preschool kids - Make your own specials to highlight your lesson plans
Preschool Holiday Activities-Christmas, Good Friday, Easter....etc
Preschool Holiday Activities with crafts, outdoors, games, and ideas for a fun time.
Christmas story and crafts.
Share the spirit of Christmas through stories and crafts
Halloween Fun, Facts, Games, Origin
Halloween - All Fun & Games, Trivias & Facts, Origin
montessori method for preschool curriculum
Montessori method, a brief summary of the philosophy of Dr Maria Montessori
Pros and cons of homeschooling
About Homeschooling - should you or should you not homeschool your kids
Childrens Church is not Sunday School
Childrens Church is not Sunday School - what's the philosophy of Children's Church ?
Sunday School History - 18th Century Beginnings
Sunday School History - how Sunday School in the 18th Century was so different
Preschool Resources
Preschool Resources for your preschool lesson plans and activities
Homemade preschool supplies for art and craft activities
Step by step lesson plans to make your own homemade preschool supplies. Make it a part of your preschool art and craft activities.
Childhood Story, testimonies of childhood experiences and stories
My Childhood Story helps teachers and parents understand the reality of childhood development and so make relevant and effective plans for their preschool lesson plans and activities.
Child Development - How he thinks, play, learn, etc
Child Development of Preschoolers, - Do you know your child ? Are you meeting his educational needs or just stuffing him with knowledge ?
Preschool Safety Tips- craft time safety, toilet safety, playground safety..etc
Preschool safety - craft time safety, washroom safety, playground safety,
Preschool Global - a peek at preschools around the world
Preschool Global - a look at preschools around the world - share your preschool here
Forum for preschool teachers, parents and caregivers
Forum - discuss your stories, ideas, photos, comments with just a click
Kids stuff forum - cool stuff from preschool kids
Kids stuff forum -kid's work submitted will be published on the web so they can share with their families and friends
Sitemap for preschool lesson plans and activities
Sitemap - a guide to navigate and search parents and teachers resources for preschool lesson plans and activities
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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
About Me - I am Lucy
All about me - Just a description of me and my passion for early childhood education
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