Pinata Craft - How to make

For preschool games and birthday parties

Pinata Craft is one of many easy paper crafts to do for your preschool activities, though you may have to spend a little longer time. It is ideal when you have a few days to insert into your preschool curriculum plan as one of your many other art projects. Plan to do it before a special activity - like a fun day or a Birthday party - when you can use it with many kids and parents around.

What is a PINATA ? read these notes to your kids:

A Pinata is something huge - so big that you need a few kids to carry it.
However, it is not very heavy because it is hollow -there's nothing inside.

It is very colorful. It has green, red, yellow.....
(Kids who are attentive will join you in suggesting more colors...)
and is usually shaped like an animal.
Now what animal can you think of ? (Allow children's participation)

Scroll down to find step by step instructions on pinata craft.

The most interesting thing is that inside the pinata, you can hide candies and little toys, and when you break it open, all those candies and toys will fall out.

This game is very popular in Mexico. (Do you know where Mexico is?)Long time ago, they played this game with children, but today, even the adults enjoy playing this fun game at festivals.

Additional notes (don't use this on very little children or you'll freak them out)
The pinata is most common in Mexico and is used in many festive celebrations especially at Christmas. It was traditionally shaped like a star with seven points depicting the devil with seven deadly sins and holding tight to the blessings within. Till the pinata or the devil is struck down with faith, the devil will then release the blessings. Often, the striker is blindfolded which represents that he is stepping out in faith. In your preschool activities, pinata craft is a very interesting and exciting art project for kids. It is cheap and fun and you can involve more children in such paper crafts.

Warning !
With little children, do not associate the pinata with an animal. Striking an animal may be too overwhelming. So if you have many little kids, it may be wise to just make geometrical shapes rather than shapes of animals and people where they may be psychologically attached to, and will be upset with such aggressive strikes.

Be aware that little children may lose out on the mad rush for the candies and toys. Talk to them about the spirit of winning and losing. At an impressionable preschool age, young children may not fully comprehend this concept. It's good to prepare some jars or packets of candies for all children, so everyone will have something to bring home.

How to make a Pinata ?


  • A big balloon (small balloons will make small pinatas)
  • Lots of newspaper (cut into strips)
  • Liquid Glue
  • Scissors
  • Candies and small party toys
  • Paints and paintbrushes
  • String to hold it up


  • To encourage team work
  • To enhance creativity
  • To work on fine motor skills
  • To experience with colors
  • To prepare for party time
  • To have fun


  • 3 yrs onwards

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for preschool art

  • Ensure the children washes their hands
  • Put on an art apron
  • Cover the floor with disposable plastic sheets or newspaper
  • Have art materials ready
  • Encourage kids to help with the putting away of art materials after the activity. No kids are too small to learn this.


  • Inflat the balloon and tie a knot. (Probably an adult's task)
  • Cut the newspapers into strips (Little ones can tear the papers)
  • Dip the strips of papers into glue and stick it across the balloon.
  • Overlay it with more strips and more strips till its firm.
  • Splash the covered balloon with paints - either by brushes or finger painting
  • Leave it to dry. (Your pinata craft is almost done)

  • Cut a small square hole (just 3 sides)
  • Fill the pinata with your goodies
  • Before you seal it, insert a string for suspension.
  • Seal it by sticking a few more smaller strips of paper
  • Touch up the sealed hole with more paints

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