Preschool Valentine Crafts

Easy to make Valentine gifts for your preschoolers to take home

Preschool Valentine Crafts

There are so many ways to make simple Valentine's cards, the sky is the limit. Here, you will find some easy to make preschool Valentine crafts.

  • Valentine Heart Rubbings - Using a glue gun, draw different sizes of hearts onto different square pieces of card papers. When it is dry, it creates an elevated outline of hearts. Ask your kids to choose one heart and rub over it on a piece of thinner paper. Cut the heart out and paste onto a card.

  • Valentine Heart Stencil - Prepare a half a heart stencil by cutting it out from a thicker card paper. First fold the paper into 2 and draw half of the heart. Cut it while folded. Unfold and you'll see a lovely heart. Kids love it ! This can be cut from flannel, old jeans, dollies, laces or coloured papers.

  • Valentine Hearts - Cut out a big heart and many little hearts. Apply glue generously on the big heart and sprinkle the little hearts all over to make a collage.

  • Pin Punching Hearts - Have a print out of hearts on little square papers. With a cork board at the bottom, place the printed heart on top. Using a board pin, poke holes around the outline of the heart (like a sewing machine), then carefully tear the heart out along the dotted line. This is for 4 yr olds and older.

  • Valentine Window Hearts - Fold the construction paper into 2. Fold again lightly on the first half and cut out a heart with a template. This will create a "window heart" on the left side of the card. Paste the cut-out heart onto the right side (inside) of the card. Decorate.

  • Valentine Butterfly Hearts - Cut out a large heart (see Heart Stencil). Apply blots of paints on one side of the heart. Fold the heart and press. Open to see a beautiful butterfly design on the heart.

  • Valentine Kaleidoscope Hearts - Cut out a heart. Slide it into a can with lid. (a potato chip Ruffles container is ideal) Squeeze some paints into the can, throw a few marbles into it and shake. Let the marbles do the painting. Add more colours if desired.

  • MAKING VALENTINE GIFTS- more preschool valentine crafts.
  • >ValentinePendant-Beads - String beads through a pipecleaner. Then shape it into a heart. Attach a ribbon / yarn to it as a necklace.

  • Valentine Pendant-Clay

  • Valentine Necklace-Pasta

  • Valentine Table Mats - doily

  • Valentine Magnets

  • caterpillar - Cut out many hearts. Line them up. Add eyes and antennas

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