Montessori-Mathematics Curriculum

Highly effective Math Lesson Plan using manipulatives

The Montessori-Mathematics Curriculum is totally practical and hands-on. The system incorporates an extensive Montessori method to teach children the concept of numbers in relation to mathematical calculations.

Before a child enters the Math program proper in a Montessori school, s/he already has a wide exposure into pre mathematics through other the practical life and Montessori-Sensorial curriculum. As the child works on various Montessori material, he is not only learning an isolated skill, but the program intentionally exposes him to an overall child development.

Here, children will experience the sequence of numbers 1 to 10 with various visuals and Montessori materials that contains self evaluation and corrective measures. There are simple step by step methods to teach the decimal system and place value.

Basic mathematical operations: addition, multiplication, subtraction and division are taught with concrete markers so the kids know and understand the meaning behind each action. They can understand abstract more readily.

We don't have to introduce Geometry only when the child enters Elementary or Middle school grade. Here in the Montessori-mathematics curriculum, geometry is learned with identifying, matching and classifying shapes. The kids would understand three dimensional shapes, learn the names and their properties.

Maria Montessori also incorporates Fractions in the Montessori Method introducing the concept of equal parts of a whole.

Through the use of Montessori materials, the child will develop an understanding of:

  • Number value, sequence and symbol 1 to 1000
  • The four basic operations
  • Odd and even numbers
  • Counting by tens
  • Reading and recording numbers for all the above activities.

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Montessori Method Overview

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