Montessori-Sensorial Curriculum

Training the God-given 5 senses in preschoolers

The Montessori-sensorial curriculum is a joy to younger children as they use specially designed Montessori materials to refine their senses of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling & doing. This is a great preschool curriculum for child development used in Montessori schools.

The exercises develop skills in thinking, judging, concentrating, comparing and sequencing. As the child works with the Montessori materials, s/he also develops new vocabulary words relating to the activities and experience. The child learns to separate and classify forms, colours, textures, tastes and smells. All these helps the child with skills for pre reading, pre writing and pre Math.

The Montessori Sensorial provides all kinds of shapes and children at 3 and 4 yrs old learn and feel not only the different sizes, but also names like pentagon, hexagon... obtuse triangle, right angel triangle.... etc as they make their matches.

There are 4 different emphasis in the sensorial curriculum : Visual

Here in Montessori education, children experiences a variety of sizes, shapes, length, dimensions, colours, observing their similarities and differences.


Children also learn to listen to sounds made from bells and various instruments and identify them with their auditory senses to compare and contrast.


Children learn by touch too. They feel different texture of surface area like sandpaper, fabric, …etc They would place materials in their order from rough to smooth and learn to contrast and compare.


Three Dimensional objects are used to show children about solids and pre Geometry. Children have fun with spheres, cubes, and prisms.

Natasha, 3 yrs old, names the solids in their geometrical names like:sphere, ovoid, ellipse, cone, cylinder, rectangular/triangular prism, square/ triangular triangular pyramid...etc

She enjoys closing her eyes and guessing the shapes as she feels with her hands

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