The year is coming to a close. Christmas is round the corner, and winter is here in some countries. For many, Christmas is party time. Most kids love this season of the year. Lots of colors, goodies, craft activities and food. Click here for some edible Christmas recipe that preschool kids could busy themselves with.

This time of the year is a time where your kids' crafts may be proudly displayed with all the Christmas decorations around the house or school. How about transforming some of your kids' crafts to be the gifts of the season ? So get some ideas here at Christmas crafts for preschoolers

The festive season brings about lots of parties and good cheer. Or does it ?

What about those who have lost loved ones? those who have lost their jobs and those who are homeless? those who have broken relationship? those who are in the bondage of addiction? those who are in jail?..... the list goes on. How do these people enjoy Christmas ?

There's a song that goes: "Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart… Somewhere deep inside you is where Christmas really start …."

So what do you do when you don't feel the Spirit of Christmas ? What really is the Spirit of Christmas ? (It's worth checking out)

Some kids enjoy filling their shoe boxes with toys and essentials and send them off to the third world countries. Some kids enjoy the process of shopping, wrapping and giving gifts. Of course all kids enjoy receiving gifts. Most preschools would have planned some fun time for the celebration.

What do your kids do for Christmas?

Like to share your story to the world ? Take a look at preschool children around the world and send in your story.

To those living in cold countries, here's a reminder.

While it may be understandable that this is the time to snuggle up and indulge in some holiday cookies and watch TV, or plan indoor parties and activities because you've spent so much time decking the hall with bows and hollies, do remember that Children need outdoor activities too. Though it may be cold, the freshness of the air causes the brain to function well and keep children active and alert. After all, let's face it. It is really the adults that feel cold and defeated. Children enjoying the outdoor space would automatically build up inner warmth and resistance to the cold as they run around.

Check out ideas for all-season Outdoor Activities

Learn the importance of Play

Now here's something for yourself.

Food glorious food ! will surround you like never before. Will you be tempted to over eat ? indulge and bulge ? Before you regret or slide into depression or denial, consider the following:

How not to slip into the guilt of the holiday overindulgence.

Just some quick tips and guidelines to stay in shape and in confidence.

Don't think or say: "Eat now, worry later" "I'll skip a meal afterward" "It's end of the year, I'll set my new goals for January" "I can't help it" "It's the time of the year to indulge" "I'm not checking my weight on the scale" "God will forgive me" "It's my life, it doesn't affect the kids or others"

Instead think or say: "I'll be more conscious of what I eat during this season" "I'll pay more attention to my diet and fitness program "I recognize my weakness at parties "I don't have to bake that much 'cause it's easily available at parties "It is not worth gaining that few pounds or kilos" "I'll eat normally and wisely" "I am in control" "I am setting a good model for the kids" "What I indulge in private will be easily seen in public" "I can enjoy the festive season without living a life of guilt"

Find time reading This holiday, in between your times of visiting and festivities, do find some time to catch up on your reading. Why not read about child-development

May you have a blessed Christmas

and experience lots of Love, Joy and Peace

that this season brings.

From Lucy - Webmaster Preschool Lesson Plans and

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

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