Edible Christmas Crafts

Edible Christmas Crafts provides exciting moments for your preschool arts and crafts sessions. This is usually the highlights of preschool activities. Imagine the kids working on the crafts and get a treat at the end of it. Isn't this a double blessing ?

As the preschool kid manipulate with their fingers to create their edible Christmas crafts, they are enhancing their fine motor skills besides allowing their creative minds to wander and ultimately result in some amazing craft ideas. The joy and accomplishments of a finished craft project brings about a sense of fulfillment and confidence. Dr Maria Montessori who founded the Montessori Method of preschool education describes this as in a stage of harmony when the child meets his inner needs.


  • To associate Christmas with the Winter season
  • To enhance creativity
  • To improve eye-hand coordination
  • To work on fine motor skills
  • To have fun


  • 3 yrs onwards


MATERIALS REQUIRED for smiley snowflake Christmas Crafts

  • Edible Playdough (see recipes below)
  • Snowflake cookie cutter (optional)
  • Black raisins (for the eyes)
  • Radishes sliced and halved (for the mouth)
  • Icing sugar (to coat top layer)
  • Table Mat covered with waxed papers

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS for smiley snowflake Christmas Crafts

  1. Show a sample snowflake if your kids are really small
  2. Explain that we are going to make a snowflake because winter is here / coming.
  3. Discuss / show pictures of different shapes of snowflakes
  4. (optional) Make Playdough with the kids (see instructions below)
  5. Show the child the ingredients for the different parts of the smiley snowflake craft
  6. Knead the playdough into a ball
  7. Press it down with the palm of the dominant hand
  8. With the index finger, press into the center and drag some of the dough out
  9. Do the same all around till you get a shape of a snowflake
  10. Explain that snowflakes comes in different shapes and sizes
  11. To add to the fun, make a smiley with the raisins and radish
  12. And there you go, a smiley snowflake - an incredible edible Christmas craft

Edible PlayDough recipes - no cooking

  • 2 cups creamy peanut butter
  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 3 cups powdered milk
  • 2 cups corn syrup
  • Oatmeal (to reduce stickiness)
  • 1 pkt icing sugar
  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl
  • Place on wax paper
  • Knead gently till required texture
  • To make it white, sprinkle icing sugar on the shaped product


This is one of those simple Christmas Crafts that makes preschool crafts activities fun; and it stays within the Christmas theme.

MATERIALS REQUIRED for edible Christmas tree crafts

  • Ice cream cone that is pointed at one end

  • little jelly candies, cake sprinkles...etc
  • Food coloring (green)
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • (Optional) Cardboard approx 20 by 15 cm covered with tin foil

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS for edible Christmas tree crafts

  1. Put a drop of green food coloring into the vanilla frosting and mix it well in a bowl.
  2. Pierce the wooden stick into the pointed part of the cone
  3. Using the stick as a handle, roll the ice cream cone over the frosting till its fully covered
  4. If you're using the base, cover it with the plain vanilla frosting to create a snowy ground
  5. Place the cone, pointy side up
  6. Decorate the "tree" with the other ingredients
  7. Display and enjoy each other's creation
  8. Finally, enjoy eating it.

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Do you have any edible Christmas Crafts ideas related to the Christmas theme ? If so, share your thoughts with all our readers.

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