Christmas Paper Crafts

Here are some ideas of Christmas Paper Crafts that you may use for your preschool craft activities.

Snowman Crafts

It would be good to begin by telling your preschool kids that Snowman is not really in the original Christmas story found in the Bible. Snowman has become part of the Christmas season because most people associate Winter with Christmas. But look around the world, the month of December may not be winter in many other countries.

Yet, all over the world people still associate Christmas with winter. In places where there are no snow, people would use Frosty sprays to cover their window panes with pretend snow. Kids would make snowman - not out of snow but with papers, cotton and foam balls...etc

In Singapore, an island just north of the Equator, a snow machine is made to produce snowlike flakes (actually soap bubbles) just to enhance the spirit of Christmas. There's also an indoor Snow City where snow is artificially made, just for the experience of an outdoor/indoor winter. The Spirit of Christmas is generally wintery and white.


  • To associate Christmas with the Winter season
  • To enhance creativity
  • To introduce / review geometrical shapes
  • To improve eye-hand coordination
  • To work on fine motor skills
  • To have fun


  • 3 yrs onwards

MATERIALS REQUIRED for Snowman Christmas Paper Crafts

  • 3 white circles (of increasing size) cut from white card papers
  • 2 black buttons (for the eyes)
  • 3 colorful buttons (for the body)
  • 1 sharp triangle from orange card papers (for the nose)
  • 1 black square, & 1 rectangular strip ( for the top hat)
  • 5 little black sticker dots (for the mouth)
  • 2 brown rectangles for the hands
  • Table Mat to protect the work surface

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS for Snowman Christmas Paper Crafts

  1. Talk about the story of Christmas
  2. Talk about the weather and seasons
  3. Talk about how people celebrate Christmas in different countries.
  4. Introduce or review geometrical shapes - circles, triangles, rectangles, squares.
  5. Assemble the shapes to make a snowman
  6. Apply glue to stick them together


  1. Introduce diamond shape - trapezium / pararellogram and use them for the body instead of the circles.
  2. Attach a string to the back of the hat
  3. Stick cotton balls on the 3 white circles to create 3D effects
  4. Stick a twig for the hands
  5. Tie a ribbon around the neck as a snowman scarf
  6. Fold a triangular stand and attach to the base to make it stand

Christmas Tree Crafts

In a similar way, Christmas trees are not found in the Bible where the Christmas Story is told. This has been a tradition that was past from generation to generations.

Here is another of those Christmas Paper Crafts where shapes may be introduced.

Triangles of increasing sizes may be used to form the tree. You can have about 4 pre-cut green triangles cards for each child or you may want to do it as a class project. Ornaments may be made from circles, squares, rectangles, trapeziums, Hexagons...etc

Gigantic Christmas Tree Crafts

  1. Measure the size of the wall / pillar where you would want your Christmas Tree Craft to be placed.

  2. From green construction papers, cut proportionately big triangles of increasing sizes.
  3. Build the Christmas tree by overlapping the triangles as you stick them to the wall.
  4. Have the children make little ornaments from the Christmas Paper Crafts Activities to stick them up each day.
  5. Choose the best star for the top of the tree
  6. Carry the smallest kid and have him pin up the star

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