2 interesting Bird Activities

by Mary

Here are a couple from my preschool lesson plans and activities that I would like to share with you and your readers.

Bird Feeder
Teach your preschool kids on how to care for birds by creating an economical and simple bird feeder. Display it outside your classroom.

Take a pipe cleaner and curl one end up to form the letter "J."
String Cheerios on the pipe cleaner until it is full. If you leave
a little room at the top of the pipe cleaner, you can wind it
around a circular object so that it hangs outside the window.

Cozy Nest

  • Food makes this project super fun!
  • Child should get a bowl and several large pieces of shredded wheat cereal.
  • Line the bowl with glue before crumbling the cereal into the bowl.
  • Cereal should stick to the glue and hold onto the sides of the bowl to make the look of a bird's nest.
  • Add candy eggs to their nest to give it a little more excitement.

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