Easter Egg Crafts Project

that climax on Easter Day Party

One of the best Easter Egg Crafts is to make a gigantic egg that can be broken up easily. Use the concept of the Pinata -- In it, kids will find little baby dinosaurs or chicken or whatever animal you are studying for the week. Stretch your preschool activities over a week long to climax on Easter Day when you can use it for Easter Games.

Easter Egg Crafts

Note: Instructions below are for individual egg. To make a big one, just find an enormous balloon and use more paper strips, paints, inserts...etc. This can be a fun classroom project.


  • A stack of newspapers
    (brown lunch paper bag if you want to avoid print stains on fingers)
  • Home made glue (Scroll down to see "How to make your own glue")
  • Balloons for each kid / group (optional size)
  • Tempera Paints and markers
  • Miniature animal toys
    (animal according to your study theme) or animal cookies or gummies.


  • To enhance creativity
  • To improve eye-hand coordination
  • To work on large and fine motor skills
  • To experience with colors
  • To have fun


  • 4 yrs onwards
    3 yr olds can join the group project to make a huge egg


  1. Ensure the children wash their hands
  2. Put on an art apron
  3. Cover floor with disposable plastic sheets or newspaper to protect the floor from dripping paints or glue
  4. Have sufficient paints – quantity and variety of colors
  5. Children love to tear the newspaper into long strips. Guide them to tear to approximately one inch wide.
  6. Drop the strips of paper into a bow of liquid glue (see "How to make your own glue"). Make sure it soaks well.
  7. Blow up the balloons
  8. Secretly (or have a few older kids) insert an animal toy into each balloon.
  9. Have the kids wrap the soaked papers around the balloon leaving a small hole by the tie. Let it dry.
  10. Repeat with another layer and let it dry. (Have about 2 to 3 layers)
  11. Let it dry completely (may take 2 days)
  12. Pop the balloon with a pin and remove the balloon leaving the toy inside.
  13. Cover the hole with more papers and let it dry again.
  14. Have the kids paint the egg with multi colors; either with a paintbrush or their fingers.
  15. When it drys, use colored markers to decorate the egg.

Use this Easter Egg Crafts for an Eggy Game

  • Hide the eggs all around the classroom or at the outdoor playground.
  • Have the children run around to look for the eggs (It may be good to pair the kids up in twos or work in groups so as to ensure no one is left without finding any eggs.
  • When they find the eggs, they can step or sit on them to "hatch" and discover the toys.
  • Children should drop the toys in a basket provided and later to be divided fairly to all that everyone gets to bring home a toy.

How to make your own glue

  • Mix 1 cup of Plain Flour with 1 cup of water
  • Add 4 cups of boiling water.
  • Put it on the stove and simmer for a few minutes
  • Put aside to cool

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