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A place for your kids to publish their work to share with the world

This page is for you to help your preschool kids submit their work to be published on the Worldwide Web so they can share with families and friends online.

This is what to do

Look through the list below and choose the topic you would like to submit your child's work to. It will take you to the page of the category. Enjoy reading the page and scroll down till you see a submission form. The process takes no more than 2 minutes. If you don't find a relevant one, just go to a general one like: My favourite preschool activity

If you like to have a page just for your child / family, please submit at least 3 different crafts with pictures of the crafts uploaded and brief descriptions of how to do them.

If you like to publish just one theme / craft from various children, I will create a special page for you - minimum 5 submissions with pictures of the craft uploaded and a brief description of the procedures.

Feel free to get in touch with me (the web publisher- Lucy) if you have any questions, or if you need any help, by using the Contact Me Form below.

Note that this is a non commercial website, so please keep your school or business publicity to a minimum. Thanks.

This is my Animal Craft / drawing

This is my craft for special days

This is my preschool activity

This is my winter craft

I like to tell you where in the world I am from and how cool my school is

This is how I learn my alphabet

My craft / games on St Patrick's Day

My worksheet / drawings to share

What I do outdoor

How My Math lessons

How I learn Numbers

This is what I've cooked / baked

I like my preschool

My favourite craft activity

My toilet roll craft

My greeting cards for dad/mum/teacher....etc

I like to play......

Here children can express their joy of alternative education through writing a sentence or drawing a picture; or just submitting a photograph of themselves or environment.

I am a homeschooler

I am a Montessori School kid

For any other categories not found in the above list, please use the Contact Me Form and I'll see how I can expand on the list.

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