Easter Colouring Pages

Just some ideas to use for these Easter colouring pages

  • use finger tips with finger paints
  • use craft sponges
  • use paintbrushes
  • use crushed newspaper balls to dab paints
  • use blow pens
  • use glitters
  • paste torn up old magazines
  • paste cut up fabric (to paste)
  • paste strings of yarn
  • Paste beads, pasta, rice...etc

More ideas for these Colouring Pages

  • cut it out and hang all over the classroom
  • line it up to form a wall border
  • make an Easter greeting card
  • stick a popsicle stick to it
  • stick onto a self-made musical instrument
  • use them for matching game
  • use them for incentive tokens
  • use them for name tags
  • make some parts 3-D

Click here for printable PDF pages- Black and White

Click here for printable PDF pages- Coloured

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