Insects Crafts

Some Insects Crafts ideas for you to include into your preschool curriculum.

Busy Bee Insect Craft


  • 3 Foam balls (1 big, 2 small)
  • Orange or brown pipe cleaners
  • Feathers painted blue or any other colors
  • Paints (optional)
  • Black marker - to dot the eyes
  • Wooden stick or glue (to fix the balls together)


  • To create visuals for theme lesson
  • To enhance creativity
  • To improve eye-hand coordination
  • To work on fine motor skills
  • To experience with colors
  • To have fun


  • parts of the bee, align, insert, arrange...etc


  • 4 yrs onwards


  1. Have craft materials arranged in the center of the work table
  2. Give a lesson on bees - habitat, food, behaviour, parts of the bee.... etc
  3. Show pictures of different kinds of bees


    1. Using a stick or glue, align the 3 foam balls.
    2. Cut the pipe cleaners to the required length for the legs
    3. Cut a pair of shorter ones for the feelers
    4. Insert into the body of the "bee"
    5. Insert 4 feathers onto the sides
    6. With a marker, dot 2 eyes.

    • To replace Foam balls, use crushed newspapers dipped in water, roll into a ball & dry
    • Place craft materials on different tables and have kids go to the tables to collect the required material. Reinforce the learning of numbers - eg take 3 balls, 4 feathers....etc
    • Fasten a little loop screw on the body and tie a string to hang the insects crafts all over the classroom.

    Easy preschool crafts just for you and your preschool kids.

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    Wiggly Worm Insect Craft


    • Green or Brown Construction Papers
    • 2 eyes
    • 2 pipe cleaners
    • Glue
    • Cardboard base


    • To create visuals for theme lesson
    • To enhance creativity
    • To improve eye-hand coordination
    • To work on fine motor skills
    • To experience cutting, sticking and folding
    • To have fun


    • wiggly worm, feelers, stick, glue, cylinder, fold, strips, waves...etc


    • 3 yrs onwards


    1. Have kids cut out 2 inch strips of green papers
    2. Other kids may help to separate and divide the eyes into pairs
    3. Other kids may cut the pipe cleaners to about 4 inches in length
    4. Make a cylinder shape for the head
    5. Stick 2 eyes in the front
    6. Pierce 2 pipe cleaners through the top of the "head"
    7. Bend the pipes underneath to fasten them
    8. Use a pencil to make the curvature of the body
    9. Dip it in water, shape it and put it in the sun to dry
    10. Alternately, fasten the bottom of the head, the middle and the back to a cardboard base
    • Use toilet rolls to make a tree and stick the worm vertically on it
    • Stick the worms all over the classroom - wall, chair, table legs, white board...etc
    • Have kids finger paint green grasslands. Put all the pieces of grassland to make a big wall picture or border. Then stick the worms all over.

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