Homeschooling and Montessori

by Angela

I have observed Montessori classrooms and enjoyed them thoroughly. Now I am homeschooling as well as teaching preschool. Can I implement the Montessori method with older elementary students as well? Is there a teacher resource that will give me more direction with this?

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Montessori Resources for Upper Elementary
by: Lucy

Hi Angela, you certainly can implement Montessori with your older elementary child. There are resources in the following links that you may like to take a look:

Click on "Advanced Elementary Montessori Materials and Curriculum for Montessori Language, Math and Cultural. These are suitable for age 10-13 or grades 5-8
Here you'll find US or Canadian History, Botany, Zoology, Geography, World History, Health Sciences, Astronomy & Ecology, Science & Technology, Matter & Energy and of course Language Arts and Math.

If you need something for yourself to guide you through your planning, you can also get the Montessori 6-12 Classroom Guide that provides much-needed and asked-for direction in designing and implementing your program.
Modern Montessori at Home is a guide for parents teaching children ages six through nine. It includes detailed directions for creating stimulating and interesting lesson plans for a wide range of subjects from phonics and reading, through several of the sciences, math and geography."

Unfortunately, these are not free stuff. However, you can get some and make some.

Wait and see, maybe someone out there who has some free resources will make their contributions here.

"Anyone out there ? Please add your comments."

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