I love Montessori preschool

by Stephanie

My oldest son attended a traditional preschool class in Baltimore, MD, which I was really pleased with. I couldn't imagine anything more exciting, until I placed my middle son, at age 3, in a Montessori preschool class.

I never saw anything so adorable. When I came to his classroom for a parent's activity, he poured me a drink by himself from a glass pitcher.

When he finished eating his snack he got a little broom to clean the crumbs from his area.

Everything in the classroom was child-sized. Little brooms and mops, small shelving units, little tables and chairs. This was a totally child-focussed place!

He could do all sorts of sorting, math and fine motor activities I had never seen before. He gained so much confidence in the course of that year.

He was so happy and successful and developing so many skills in Montessori, that I signed him up to continue in the program the next year.

And I signed myself up too. I went from a marketing career to a career as a Montessori teacher (about the last job I would have ever imagined doing) and loved every minute of it. My little daughter came into the class when she turned 3 and she loved it, too.

We are definitely a Montessori family!

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