Little champs

by Rakhshanda Nasir Chaudhry
(Lowertopa Murree)

We cannot "teach" a child to be an artist but we can help them develop
-An eye that sees
-A hand that obeys
-A soul that feels (Dr.Montessori)

Our motto is also to educate and raise children to develop their fullest potential.


Hilltop kindergarten is situated at Lowertopa Murree Pakistan.It comprises three levels i.e

Junior Montessori age 2 1/2 -3 1/2 years

Senior Montessori age 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 years

Advance Montessori age 4 1/2 - 51/2 years

The inception of this montessori is a step towards providing qualitative education.Children at this stage are prepared for life through education according to the Montessori method.The purpose of this method aims at providing the environment that trains all senses and improves their perceptions.It aims to prepare a child to live a confident and independent life.

Curriculum Modalities

during the course of eachday, the children remain busy in variety of activities covering different aspects of the syllabi.Following is a brief description taught at the Montessori:-

(a) LANGUAGE:The four main skills of language are speaking,listening,readingand writing skills.A lot of emphasis is given on these four main areas of language.
(b) MATHEMATICS: Due emphasis is placed on practical work using awide variety of Montessori Maths apparatus.
(c) SCIENCE:The montessori provides a wide range of experience of exploring,observing and problem solving. Their Skills of science are developed through abserving and recording of variety of real life experiences.
(d)relegious education:Basic knowledge of relegion is provided.

To achieve these aims and objectives ,the montessori takes care to provide abright,stimulating,healthy and cheerful classroom atmosphere.
In order toprovide individual and special attentionto each child,the strength of each class has been limited to 25 children thus giving a favourable giving a suitable student teacer ratio

The staff makes a free and liberal use of formal and informal meathods\ techniques of teaching. A few availible meathods are as follows
a) montesseri meathods.
b)play way
c) experiments and practical work
d) plays\dramas
e) discussions
f) field trips

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