Stuffed Animal Parade

by Mary

Parading their stuffed animals down the aisle helps shy kids overcome the fear of public speaking at show and tell. Try this.

For this activity, you should bring in lots of stuffed animals, preferably animals that are generally thought of as pets, such dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, fish, or frogs....etc

If you cannot find enough domestic animals to bring in, add whatever other stuffed animals you can find, or even get your class to pretend they are pets.  They may even like this better because it is unusual and exotic. 

Once everyone has a stuffed animal, ask your students to give it a name and share a story about their animal.  Encourage students to think of their animal's family, their likes and dislikes, or whatever else might make an interesting story. 

Each student should have a few minutes to think of a story to introduce their animal to the class.  When everyone has had time to think of a story, have them line up as if they are going to be in a parade.  They should sit on the floor in their line so they can walk their animals in front of everyone.  You should put on your best announcer voice and introduce each student, inviting them to walk their animal down the parade line.  While the students show their animals, they should tell their short story about the animal.

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