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Collage with recycled magazines

Here are more crafts for kids, using recycled magazines to form a picture collage. These excellent preschool crafts refine kid's fine motor skill and enhances creativity through cut and paste activities. Now you can get rid of your old magazines and paper scraps and turn it into a great joy and accomplishment for your kids.

This is one of those "do it yourself crafts" where teachers or parents do not have to be too preoccupied with the kids because its so easy for kids to manage on their own.


  • Sheets of craft papers
  • Pencil
  • craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Scrap Papers/Magazines
  • Table Mat


  • To have further practice with application of glue and pasting
  • To enhance creativity
  • To improve eye-hand coordination
  • To have fun


  • 3 yrs onwards


  1. Show a sample picture if you're doing it for the 1st time
  2. Explain that we are going to do a picture with the recycled scraps
  3. Show the prepared drawing with outline of a picture / scene
  4. Show the child the strips, cut outs, and crushed / cut papers (saved from earlier exercises)
  5. Discuss the plan - eg yellow strips for the sun rays, green crushed balls from the trees, brown for the tree trunk etc
  6. Review with the child how to use the craft glue applicator
  7. Invite the kids to paste
  8. When the kids are well experienced, they may draw more complex pictures of their own.

Other ways of using crushed papers

  • String the colorful crushed papers to make belts, necklaces...etc
  • Make alphabets & names by sticking the crushed papers closely
  • Use big crushed papers to form big wall charts
  • Decorate a kid's or teacher's hat with crushed papers
  • Use crushed papers as counters for math or games
  • Crushed a page of newspaper, dip into paint and dap onto craft papers
  • Use crushed papers for treasure hunt.

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