Edible Crafts

Using candies, cookies, gummies to make Edible crafts are delightful crafts for all kids.  Not much preparations are needed to do this because preschool children have an innate ability to use their imaginative minds to create and to construct.  

All you have to do is to prepare lots and lots of different goodies. Don't have time or money ? Just ask the kids to bring some - especially after Halloween or Christmas Festive season. And what about left overs from Birthday parties?

You don't have to worry about craft materials being toxic - it's all edible. That's why this preschool craft is fun and exciting, not just for the kids but for teachers too.

Just sit back and enjoy the various art designs your kids produce. Their little minds will amaze you with unthinkable creativity.

Take a look at these Christmas crafts.  Everyone is different.  You know they are done by kids and they are original.   Have you stepped into a school classroom that displayed kids' crafts that are all identical and worse still, all perfectly done ?  They may look great but thinking it through, you would say quietly in your heart: - " the teacher/ parents did that.  What did my child do?"   

Kids' crafts don't have to look perfect, to the standard of adults. What is more important and satisfying is the process of getting there.  Kids really enjoy messing up, creating and recreating;  and ultimately they will produce some incredible crafts.  

To the adults, the kids' craft  may not look perfectly symmetrical or organized.  But to the kids, it will be great.  After all, as long as they know what they are doing;  and are able to tell you a story from what they have created, it is all it matters.  They would have learned motor skill, creativity, self expression, language (as they describe what the craft is or the process of making it).  

Isn't it a learning curve that adults should not stifle?

Suggestions of edible items for crafts

For Desserts:

Chocolate chips

Christmas Candy Cane

M & M chocolates

Biscuit crumbs / Digestive biscuits with butter

Ice Cream cones

Whipped cream - oh, how kids love this !


For Cooked Food or Cold dishes

Cooked pasta - all shapes


Cherry Tomatoes 

Carrots - cut to shape

Radish - the red outline for the mouth

Lettuce & salad leaves - for the hair 

Cloves -  great for making the eyes

Just look into your groceries shopped items......You can use just about any edible stuff for your kids to create their most imaginable crafts !!!

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