Spot Painting - quick and easy

Spot Painting is one of the best and must-have of all preschool activities as it is so quick and easy to do, yet colorful and beautiful. It is ideal for busy parents and teachers.

When a child uses his creativity, you'll find that no two pieces are the same. There is always originality in the product. Each child create intuitively and differently with each other according to their own creative skills. What a delight.

With the finished product, you can use them for various other arts and crafts: cut it to shape, use as backgrounds, frame it, stick it....etc

When you have more time, you can make a big poster, wallpapers or gift wrap and when you are rushed for time, you can just do a small postcard or bookmark.


  • Sheets of craft papers
  • At least 3 primary colors
  • Roller / Ruler
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Table Mat


  • To enhance creativity
  • To improve eye-hand coordination
  • To work on fine motor skills
  • To experience with colors
  • To have fun


  • 3 yrs onwards


  1. Prepare the required size of craft paper
  2. Have various colors at hand, minimum 3 basic colors
  3. Generously squeeze or apply colors randomly in blob / spots on the paper
  4. Guide the kids to have a good contrast and spread of the colors.
  5. Using another piece of paper, cover over the paints
  6. Use a roller/ ruler to roll across the top paper spreading the paint underneath
  7. Remove to observe the effect
  8. Put aside to dry
  9. The top piece of paper may be used as well.

Here are SOME IDEAS on what you can create :

Trim edges with art scissors and laminate, insert

Cover the center of the drawing paper and leave a border around. Use the center blank space for writing your message / advertisement.

Frame it as an abstract masterpiece. The frames can be created in your craft activities class.

Use big postal packaging paper and turn it into a beautiful gift wrap. You can use part of it as a matching GIFT TAG

Use it as a background to a greeting card

Stick the art on a 3x5 card and design the back with lines and column that looks like a postcard with a square at the top right hand corner for sticking a postage stamp.

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