Paw Print Path

by Mary

Begin by telling your students a short story. 

Your class has been given the mission of helping a little lost kitten find her way home. 

To do that, you have to draw paw prints from where she is to where she wants to go. 

On the board, you can draw a kitten and a house.  Ask your students what a cat's paw looks like, and draw several on the board. 

The twist to the story is that the kitten can only find the next paw print to follow if she does a good deed. Each paw print has a new act she has to complete, like, hold the door for someone or compliment a friend. 

Brainstorm ideas of kind acts with your class and write them on each paw.  Ask your students to complete these acts of kindness throughout the day so that the kitten can get back home before nighttime. 

Observe your class and move the kitten closer to home each time you see a student complete a good deed.

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A little variation
by: Anonymous

It's a great idea. A little variation would be to draw the paw print once on paper and make some copies. Cut them out. Laminate them for reuse. Give one to a child who deserves it, and help him / her post it on the board.

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