Preschool Art

Making funny pictures with thumb printing

Try this excellent Preschool Art in your kid's activities using their little thumbs to produce some exciting fun pages. Great time for creativity as you teach your children to appreciate art.

This is one fun preschool art when you need to create a farewell card or Birthday card or any gift items where you would like the gifts to be personalised by the whole class.

If you have a class of 40 or a school of 150, you can include all the children in this project to create a personalised gift wrap - a delightful and memorable gift to the school principal or that someone special.

It is also one of those great art projects that puts everyone's art on one page and helps kids to have a sense of team work.


You don't really need a lot of material in this art project

  • Variety of color (paints)
  • Craft papers (size vary with art projects)
  • Children with their thumbs
  • Black fine-tip markers
  • Cloth / Wet Ones for cleaning the thumbs

  • 2 years (with guidance)
  • 3 years and above

    1. Prepare craft papers

    2. Prepare paint pallettes

    3. Show a sample of the work to the kids

    4. Hold the kid's thumb, dab into paint (ie. if kids are very small)

    5. Still holding thumb, press onto paper

    6. Wipe and clean thumb with a cloth

    7. Continue with another kid or another color

    8. Wait for the paint to dry

    9. Look at the shape, think of a relevant picture (older kids)

    10. Using a fine-tip black marker, draw a picture around the print (older kids/ teacher)

    11. Encourage kids to be imaginative

    12. Start with simple drawings like the sun, smiling faces, balloons....etc

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